Why MapleStory have many female gamer?

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Why MapleStory have many female gamer?
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:40:21 am »
MapleStory has many female gamer, that's a well-known secret publicly. That is one of the reasons that boys play the casual online game. The Cash Shop provides many decorations for gamers to beautify their characters. If you want to make a cool or cute avatar in the game, you need to spend lots of real money, or else you can only wear your battle gears although they are decent in looking. In MapleStory 2, you can also buy clothing or weapon skins for your avatar, but due to the 3D graphics, most of female players won't accommodate to it, so most of gamers of MapleStory 2 are male.

 According to an unofficial research, nearly 37% players of MS2 are female gamer, and 80% of them are adult. Obviously, most of gamers of MapleStory 2 came from MapleStory origin, which is the childhood memory of them. Current video game market filled with MOBA and PUBG like games, people are more likely to play a game that features social function rather than an old series.

Finally, we will introduce our Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos recharge service for you and all female gamers in the cartoon style video game. If you want to get Valor tokens, you can go to the Arena Shop, but you should earn enough battle points in advance. We recommend you go to the 1v1 PvP if you are in high level, don't let your rookie allies slow down your farming process.

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